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Character Animations Here you can see different 3D Chaarcter animations, done for competitions and some just for fun
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Game Animations In this section you can see animations done for PC games
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Film Animations Here you will find works that were done for the films
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VFX And in this section you can see different Visual Effects

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Warhammer Warhammer paintings, workshop, battlereports/photos...


Here you can see Warhammer stuff: photos, paintings, blog how to ...

Check out this youtube channel from Super Wargamer Super Wargamer
He has a lot of cool video's about Warhhamer 40K like Battle Reports, Unit analysis, and more If you like his content please hit the Subscribe the button ;)
Enjoy ;)

Warhammer 40k: How to make flying bases

Warhammer 40k: How to add leds to Necrons Monolith

This will be a blog about how I will try to put leds into my Necron Monolith